Product Of The Month: MY CEU Wallet App for Android

Have you ever had those thoughts of “I told you so” and just had to hold your tongue?  Well, just before the Christmas holiday a co-worker came to my door very nervous and upset that she had been notified by NCTRC that her application for recertification as a Recreational Therapist had been selected for an audit.  She was not looking forward to gathering all the necessary documentation and wondered if it was enough.  Although she felt like she would make it, she wasn’t sure and became so anxious about the process that she quickly took a SMART CEU’s Hub course to beef up her likelihood of having the required CEU’s for recertification as a CTRS.  She had to contact previous employers for documents and search through paperwork at home.  We had just spoken about the new My CEU Wallet app the month before that could have saved her the worry, doubt and hassle of gathering CEU documentation at the last minute.  I kindly reminded her that she should download the MY CEU Wallet to prepare for next time.  She smiled and said she remembered our conversation and downloaded it already.  The android app, MY CEU Wallet, is easy to use and the basic app is free.

The My CEU Wallet app manages all of your continuing education documentation whether you get your CE at conferences, online, or someplace else.  My CEU Wallet is your digital filing cabinet.  No longer is there a need to keep track of your CEUs throughout your recertification period as the app will store your important documents on the cloud, tally up your current CEUs, send you reminders periodically when your CEUs are due (including how many you still need), and when it comes time to submit your CE to your board your documents can be printed out or emailed to whomever needs them. Don’t risk losing your certification or license due to not having an organized system for your CEU’s. 

The Basic App Features:
• Securely store your digital CE transcripts by downloading them to your account on the cloud
• Securely store your physical CE transcripts on the cloud using your phone’s camera
• Automatically tally up your CEUs so you know how many you have and still need
• If you lose or break your mobile device or even change phones, you can still access your CE by securely logging into your account

Premium App Features- $10/year (83.3 cents/month):
• Email your CE documentation to your licensing board, or even to your personal email address when it comes time to recertify
• Print out your documents directly from the app on a local printer so you have them to send to your board
• Get reminder emails sent to you when it gets close to your recertification date with your total CEUs and how many you still need

My CEU Wallet is not only for CTRS.  This App can be utilized by any professional needing to keep track of their CEU’s; Nurses, Dr’s, Teachers, Physical Therapist etc.  So, share the knowledge and let others know how easy and beneficial My CEU Wallet is for any professional.

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